How did Maddie and Xavier meet? It must have been something in the water!

we met when he was on a placement and I was an assistant in Evian, we were both living in an FJT foyer de jeunes travailleurs basically like halls of residence for young employed people, there was a shared kitchen which was absolutely vile and there were 3 of us who used it, a friend of mine called Matt, myself and Xavier. Xavier thought I was in a relationship with Matt, I was so clueless that Xavier was interested that when he found out Matt and I weren't a couple and asked me out for a drink I invited Matt along (fortunately we couldn't make it in the end!). Then, I found out Xavier had a flat in Les Arcs and miraculously my attitude changed! No, seriously, I went to Les arcs with him and some friends one weekend and the rest is history! I also later discovered that Xavier basically stalked the kitchen so what I thought was bumping into each other was actually calculated!