Photo comp winner

I received an email last night to inform me that I was the winner of the Chamonix Source Magazine winter picture competition. 

I'm really really happy at winning this as I've never won a photo competition before!

A massive thank you to ZeroG Chamonix (the best snowboard shop in town) for my awesome prize. 

It was the 22nd of January (my birthday) and I didn't know what to do, so I made the most of my lift pass and headed up the Aiguille du midi, this was after stopping at Bluebird cafe to pick up a bacon & egg roll and a can of Irn-Bru to take away.

 It was so cold up at nearly 40000m with a very strong wind kicking up alot of spindrift. I started to head down the arete towards the Col du Midi when I saw that the Compagnie du mont blanc where putting in the fixed ropes for easier access to the vallee blanche. I thought it would be a cool picture to show the guys out working on the ridge, so I started snapping away. The sun had'nt quite made it above the ridge yet and I could see it creeping slowly up and to the right while the two workers where slowly moving down & to the left. I kicked a small ledge off to the side of the main ridge to let other people pass me, popped a couple of ice screws into the ice to give myself a good anchor & waited for around 30 minutes, eating my now semi frozen bacon roll and drinking the ice cold can of Irn Bru until the workers where directly in front of the rising sun, and thats when I got this shot. I'd like to think it was worth the torture to capture the image!

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