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Photography is a way of life for me!

I am at my happiest when I'm behind a lens. Everywhere I go, I'll be looking at a landscape, an object, a person, and thinking to myself, "how could I get the best angle and light for capturing this?" 

I studied production and theatrical skills for a number of years and like to think that I still provide a bit of drama and entertainment in my photography. I don't like to bracket myself as a certain type of photographer. If I see something worth shooting, then I'll pull all my skills together in which I've learnt over the years and get the best possible shot I can!   

I've been living here in France for a number of years now and have been blessed with truly remarkable landscapes, people, and opportunities to further my skills as a photographer.

Although I am based in France, I am willing to travel almost anywhere.

Life is an adventure!



For bookings, enquires or if you would like a bit more information on what I can offer,  Email me at andy@chxphotographer.com

Or you can call me on +33 0676125022

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